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We have update Swift Personal Computers and added great products, take a look.

Swift Personal Computers offers and sells the best in refurbished technology solutions in today’s fast pace technology. This is a home base retail & repair computer business. We have the best quality in refurbished laptops in the High Desert.


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As its name suggests, USB2USB allows the transfer of files directly from one USB or SD card to another without the need to plug into a computer. Ok Geeks this is the bomb little device to have in our wallet. Now the question? when will it become available. I WANT ONE!!!!! NOW!!!

Being only 3 millimeters thick, USB2USB fits easily into your wallet or purse. It is equipped with an OLED touchscreen, an SD card slot, and two USB connectors. This device can read almost all popular types of external memory cards and flash drives in the market. Users only need to plug in the external cards or flash drives to view the files and folders. Then they can browse the contents of the USB flash drive and a preview of the selected file will be displayed on the background of the touchscreen display. The files can be transferred or copied by using its drag-and-drop function. The USB connectors, which come with flexible rubberized wires that integrate with the shape of the device, are detachable when in use. This device can be charged directly using the USB connector.

The USB2USB is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, Nuzairi Yasin & Nazjimee Amat Omar for MIMOS Berhad




Windows 8 Release Preview

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Windows 8 Release Preview: Review


Here is a quick review on my experience with Windows 8 RP.

I downloaded Windows 8 Release Preview and installed it on my HP NC6220 laptop and my tower, a Dell 420. I went to the Microsoft site and downloaded the ISO for the 32 bit operating system; this was very quick and simple. Installing Windows 8 was NOT, I used 2 different PC’s and 2 different environments. The first environment I installed Windows 8 RP was on Virtual Box. This took some fiddling around on the settings and about 2 hours but it finally installed. It installed all the drivers on my Quad core, 4 GB Ram, Nvidia GTS 250 Dell 420. But I can’t say the same for my 2nd environment.

I installed Windows 8 RP on my HP NC6220 and not all drivers were installed. The one basic problem I believe Windows 8 RP has is its installation on old computers. Now Microsoft is saying the opposite, its stating it can be installed on old PC’s with XP. That’s correct to a certain degree. When I installed it on my HP NC6220, Windows 8 could not install the video driver for this laptop. The video driver for this laptop is an Intel 915GM 128MB Chipset driver. Intel does NOT have a driver for this chipset for Windows 7 or 8. Intel created only a XP and Vista driver for the Intel 915GM. Now I tried multiple ways to install it on Windows 8 RP but it failed.



Is this Microsoft’s fault, no I can’t blame them but they can’t state either that Windows 8 will work fully on old PC’s. The laptop NC6220 works well, but the graphics card can’t push beyond 480P, it stalls on 720p and higher. I had Windows XP installed on this laptop and it worked well with video at 720p. So I did a lot of testing and configuring and it was the video driver that made a difference. I don’t want to get too much into details here but it was the video driver. I think windows 8 on a much newer PC will work much better as far as drivers are concern. I will keep updating this post.



Win 8 Consumer Preview Demo Video

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This is a video demo of Windows 8; I have it setup on Virtual Box and its working very well. I’m still deciding if the metro user interface is worth buying with Windows 8 or stick to Windows 7. When I’m done I will write an article on Windows 8 consumer preview. Setting up on Virtual Box was a little tricky, but it worked. It too will be on the article. Here is a demo video from the Microsoft website and the links so you to can downloaded for yourself.

Here is the link:  Microsoft Windows 8 CP


Website Update 3-2012

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Thank you for support:

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I have been very with the eBay listing page, Amazon Store and updating Antonio’s Help Page. We have added computer related products to our eBay listings page, but it is just the start. We plan on adding different and exciting products to Antonio’s Help Page. We will still offer FREE tech support on our Contact Page, please allow 24hr turnaround time for our tech support answer.

Also we will have our posts as our main page for Antonio’s Help page. If you have a chance please visit our new eBay listings page and Amazon store page for a review. As of 3/19/2012 we have launch Antonio’s Help Page Facebook Pages. We will be updating our post for further details. In conclusion we have block comments from Antonio’s Help Page, sorry, been a bit busy.


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EaseUS Todo Backup 3.0 Free

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This is a program I had to write about, when it cones to disk cloning. Before I start, I used this program to copy my hard drive exactly bit for bit, sector per sector. I have a PC I been using for a couple of years now, Quad core, works great. I notice my 500gb hard drive is been getting full with all my programs and games lately. I decided to buy a 1tb hard drive to give it maximum space. I don’t want to reinstall all my programs, games and re- configured my PC again, last time it took my 3 days. The answer is very simple, clone my hard drive to a larger hard drive. This is were EaseUS 3.0 comes in to play. I wanted a very simple process to clone my drive and if I can get it for free, it’s a bonus. Read the rest of this entry »

Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Box-Update

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We’re going to start this review with a simple answer “YES” I like this streaming top box.
What is a streaming top box you may ask? Image watching Netflix on your computer but decided to watch it on your big screen TV. You don’t want to add your large base pc next to entertainment systems, which I did for a while. So the answer is a streaming top box, it’s just like Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, and Boxee. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Safety Scanner? FREE

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Do you think your PC has a virus? or Spyware? Then I think this may help you.
Microsoft has released a portable standalone security tool designed specifically to scan for and remove viruses, spyware and other malicious software. Microsoft Safety Scanner comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for PCs running Windows XP or later. I just tested Microsoft Safety Scanner and it worked! Safety Scanner is a free downloadable security tool. It works with your existing antivirus software as well. Read the rest of this entry »